Five sure-fire ways to dramatically improve Facebook fan page engagement

According to a survey, it has been proved that more than 50% of marketing and advertising executives are thinking of increasing their investment in Facebook this year. The reason behind this is the enormous popularity of this social media platform.

Facebook follows a simple marketing technique. You just update your wall with something informative and engaging content; people will drive to your page and respond. This is what we think, right? In fact, this is the dream of every business owner before they actually get started.

But after a certain point of time, they give up and stop updating pages for not getting to see any visible result in spite of constant updates.

Facebook Page Engagement

So here is the hard truth – people don’t really like to hear about your products and services.

To improve engagement on Facebook fan page, you must create content which is not only relevant but also personal. Here, you will come to know about five sure-fire ways that can improve engagement of users on your Facebook Fan page.

Five ways to dramatically improve Facebook fan page engagement

  • Post content timely

There are three rules to follow for improving fan page engagement.

  1. Share a hot news story happening right now in your field or niche.

Just like water coolers, Facebook plays as a virtual way for your fans through which they can discuss their views and thoughts with others.

  1. Don’t forget to add context to the content.

Putting your own views and thoughts on a particular topic is an excellent way to be on the top of the current events of your industry.

  1. When you post timely content on Facebook fan page, people will be more inclined to share.

Sharing, posting and commenting expand your reach and increase page engagement.

  • Make your posts valuable

Your Facebook fans want to see interesting posts, comments, and pictures on your fan page. Make use of your experience and skill by offering a series of useful tips. Whether it is just a video tutorial or simple how to, share what you know. Facebook is an excellent platform to share views, pictures, and other interesting stuff. By making your posts valuable to your fans, you can expect that your posts will receive great response from your fans.

  • Organise contests and distribute coupons

Organising contests or polls with pictures help to gain the attention of the users. Ask your users to take part in a contest or rate a picture or an event. This will help you to get popularity for the stuff you share. Not only this, it will even bring visitors to your fan page. It has been observed that people react to coupons and contests faster than any other stuff.

  • Regularly update your fan page

An updated fan page is called an active page that tends to get more followers. So, it is your duty to keep your Facebook fan page always updated with fresh images, interesting contents, and videos. However, the regular update does not mean your users’ news feed will be crowded with your contents. Post it in the ratio of maximum one to four and not more than that.

  • Always try to be a friendly admin

Interact with your friends in a friendly manner, but do not interfere with their personal lives. Their support and admiration are always required to expand fan base.

Always keep in mind that the users of Facebook are humans and not puppets. You need to put deep thought into their psychology to receive great response from their end and thereby make your fan page a great hit.

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